Principle Of Operation

The output from the solar panel array is fed into a Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charger that ensures that all the solar energy is efficiently transferred to the battery. The battery transfers power to the inverter that supplies 230VAC to the load. The controller is programmed to dispense a fixed amount of energy to the load every hour. This energy may be accumulated to be used within a 24 hour period. The energy meter monitors the energy used and subtracts this amount from the allocated amount. When the energy limit is reached for the particular time of day the inverter will switch off when excess load limit is applied. The user will then have to wait for a time until more energy is dispensed. The controller has a built in battery monitor that will monitor the preset parameters every second and store the results on a memory card. This card will log for 10 years. In the event of battery failure, the disc can be removed and data downloaded.